About Us

We started out back in 2004, with a very basic machine, a big idea, and absolutely no idea how we were going to do it!  Started by two friends who had some good idea's and wanted to make our own cool stickers.  

It started out as quite a learning curve, and along the way we found many ways of doing things that didn't work, things we weren't very good at, and which materials made life much more difficult that it needed to be.

Thankfully we didn't stay terrible at everything!  We put a lot of time in to learning, and improving. We got better tools, and found a lot of practice helped.  We also found some great suppliers, whom we still use to this day.  Along the way we also learned what we are good at, and what the limits of our setup was.  Also about this time, one of the friends decided this wasn't for him, and we went our separate ways.  

I still had the same desire to do this, as the day I started, so with the support of family and friends, I carried on alone.  Until mid 2009, when I met someone crazy enough to put up with me, and the little business I was building.  Since then Sam has been a great help and incredibly supportive, she is also excellent with our customers, and is integral to the operation now.

Over the past 18 years we have upgraded our equipment several times, we have added to our arsenal, to include sublimation printing amongst other stuff.

The key values that started the business still stand true today.  We make cool products, we use great quality suppliers and products and our customers satisfaction is crucial.  There is sign in our office saying this is where the magic happens, and we always endeavour to enjoy our work, and have a laugh whilst doing it.

We have many loyal customers, and I'd like to take a moment to thank them for their continued support.  

We hope you've enjoyed reading this, and we hope you are happy with your order from us too.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions